Shop on vacation

ON SEPTEMBER 6TH this Saturday.

After I finish my mom’s necklace for her birthday (the same day as my husband and mines anniversary) I’m thinking of making another bracelet (or finish an UFP)

I’ll be listing the quartz points for sure tonight.

I have a labradorite bracelet to list too. That will be listed by weeks end.


I got some bicone and cut round beads to make a beaded rope.

I have a wedding set in mind so I got white beads for that.

But my idea is a simple labradorite embroidery and do a beaded rope for a bracelet.

Omg I with I had my watercolors out I’d paint it just to show you!

I shipped 2 orders today.

While at the post office I picked up cushion envelopes and customs forms.

Im going to try to figure out shipping for outside the us so the listings should have shipping prices for other countries.

I’ll be mailing out the orders from today after my volunteer shift in the morning, so around 1 -2p central time.

Just so everyone knows 90% (if not more) of the stuff I use in my jewelry is A+ quality and bought from local and or small businesses, therefore it will be a bit more expensive and higher quality jewelry.